In 1990 two US firemen were sent to Iraq. One of them was into rap music, particularly Beastie Boys. The other, 2 years older, used to listen to british bands like 808 State, Primal Scream and Renegade Soundwave. Both were killed in action, and their belongings sent to this New York City Fire Department.


17 years later , five brave firemen stumbled upon these boxes while cleaning up the attic and listened to the tapes that were inside dusty walkmans. They decided that the best way to pay some respect was with music...


This record is dedicated to all the firemen in the world, before and after September 11th.

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Renegade Boys' Beastie Soundwave was originally released in 2007. It was made exclusively with Beastie Boys lyrics and Renegade Soundwave incredible tunes.

It is part of the Marshall Records catalogue, a non-profit indie label that releases records against the war since 2003 - when Iraq was invaded by the USA under false accusations

The limited Beastie Soundwave CD comes with 3 exclusive bonus tracks. We also have some wallpapers, for those who want the Renegade Boys on their desktop

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